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Support and Management

 Agri All Africa strives to enable farmers to focus on farming matters, while local community and other governmental relations, communication, labour, education, primary health matters and relations with service providers needed for the proper roll-out, will be dealt with by AaA affiliations. These support services include the land and real estate sector, water, energy, and infrastructure. In terms of identifying sustainable longterm investment opportunities, AaA and its partners will conduct the necessary due diligence and the initial risk profiles involved. Part of this investigation includes the status of organised agriculture as that forms a big part of establishing viable commercial platforms in African countries where title deeds and commercial farming practices are not commonplace.



All project requirements are tied into project rollouts, with big emphasis on cooperation, as a way of risk mitigation. Cross-cultural and communication- education, are undertaken from both ends – incoming farmers and the local communities’ attitude towards incomers and realistic expectations, with consistent and quality cooperation with the local environment. All inputs and services are outsourced and part of the detail planning process, with proven success within the partnership model. AgriAllAfrica, with its partners, will endeaver to use existing presence of AaA in the particular country or establish new platforms where it is needed as a starting block and also a foundation for local interaction and expertise needed in the commercialisation of its projects.

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Social Responsibilities

AaA is a commercial focussed operation and entity. Farming operation has a long-term focus tackling corporate social responsibilities, and will abide by the respective country’s legal requirements. The outcome is for the local farmers to become commercial partners obtaining the necessary training and education and skills to promote their chances to become commercial farmers in their own right.

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